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We specialize in Poodle Crosses because we believe they make wonderful pets. They’re non-shedding and their offspring are healthier. These poodle mixed breeds are very intelligent, making them easy to train.

Winter Time

Well, Old Man Winter has arrived.

Just a quick reminder, when you are walking your dogs on the sidewalks, be sure to wipe their paws after each walk to remove the salt from their pads.   The salt can be harmful to their pads.


Your dog will love the snow, you not so much, but they still need to get out and get exercised.  If winter coats/sweaters are needed please use them.   If your dog has a winter coat (naturally) then its’ not necessary to always have a sweater or coat on the dog.   If they are really active they will make their own body heat, so you don’t want them to overheat, so be aware of whether or not your dogs need a sweater on or not.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy Old Man Winter!!

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