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We specialize in Poodle Crosses because we believe they make wonderful pets. They’re non-shedding and their offspring are healthier. These poodle mixed breeds are very intelligent, making them easy to train.

Winding Down!

Hi Everyone!

Its been a while since I connected with you all.   Things continue to be very busy around here.   As most of you know Covid has placed such an enormous demand for puppies and adult dogs.   Its good and bad!   What is good is that a lot of rescue dogs or retired breeders are finding great homes.   What is not so good is that there are people still looking for a Covid past time puppy.   Also the scammers are still present. I believe in karma!

We all anticipated that this fall he would see a high return of many puppies.   But I am not seeing that quite yet.   That is a good thing.   What I am seeing that really upsets me is that there are many people and breeders increasing their prices by double and triple.   Come on people is that really necessary!   You are not thinking of your business long term.    I have heard from many people who call me upset and in tears that there were on wait list with a deposit and were basically booted off the list if they didn’t want to pay the more than half increased price.   That is criminal in my books.

I have done this for 20 years and my cost is less than half?   Am I stupid or is this my Integrity!  I know which one it is.

The world is still in a very bad place and this is still happening.  I see it with certain products, like wood, some foods and the worst has to be the Puppy industry.   I can’t count on my hands how many people I have spoken too in the past few months about the increase of cost and demand.    I will tell it again, Please be patient, do not be impulsive and wait it out.   It will get back to some normality.     I feel the frustration of many people who truly just want a family member.  They are totally  heartbroken that the wait times are long and the amount of people who continue to scam innocent people.

A few red flags I want to share with you because its important to me:

  • If there is a puppy readily available, why?
  • If there is no website or active social media – who are they?
  • If there are no reviews or not great reviews – Why?
  • If you cannot see a face or the facility – Why?
  • If there are no current photos or videos available – Why?

I want you to ask yourself Why.

These are just a few to look for.   Don’t place a deposit on something you cannot see.   You have to have a feeling of trust.

Be patient, find a breeder you trust and wait it out, is my best advise.   Many breeders have closed their list, its because they are already maxed out for what they know they can produce for the following year.  That is a good thing.   That tells me that they are real.

For the last 6 months I have operated on an open door – hence the photo I choose.   This is how I met with my customers.  Pickups were staggered and the front door was open.  I continue with the same process other than now its getting a bit colder so the door will have to be closed to keep the heat inside.

For those of  you who are wondering about my Facebook page, it has been removed by Facebook.   This ticks me off a lot.   I had no way to recover my contacts.   But when someone tries to slow me down, I only come back stronger!!!

I am currently working on many new and exciting things that I am very excited about.   It’s in the works, and I can’t wait to show and share it with you all.    I will rebuild a new Facebook page, but for now if you want to follow me on Instagram please feel free to connect with me there.   @amy_arcountrykennel

My wait lists remain closed.  As I am maxed out as well.   I do hope to be able to reopen some of the lists, Cockapoos and maybe Shih-poo in the early Spring, once I start to have new litters.  My wait time is into the later summer and fall for these two mixes.   The Cavapoo list will remain closed until sometime next year.   I do not force bred my dogs or over use them so there is always a gap in time as well as the wait list.

I want to tell you all to continue to be strong and stay safe.  It will get better, we just need to be smart about it!

I want you to think about three things that have been positive in your life as a result of  Covid.   Open your minds and be grateful for what you have today, as it could always be worse.

For the subscribers, we are almost at 1000.   Once I get 1000 as promised I will do a draw and choose one name for the $350 Gift Certificate.  I will post it on Instagram and on my next Blog.  I will continue to honour this for each 1000 more new subscribers.

Bye for now,


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