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Unprecedented Times?

Hi everyone!

Well like you, I never saw this coming!   For most this is a scary time in our life.   Some are not afraid and some are terrified.   One doesn’t know what to really believe.  What I do know, is that we are all in this together and nothing lasts forever.   What I see happening is that we are all getting stronger and coming together as a Community/Country.

The first thing I felt from this whole crazy COVID-19 is how much we take things for granted.   To the littlest things like using a public washroom.  Obviously there is so much more, but let’s take a deep breath and be grateful for what we have today.   Many of us are now forced to be at home.   But I see so many positive things coming out of this.   Parents are getting closer to their kids and family.    We don’t have the stress of daily work so it’s giving us some time to reflect on what we have today and what is important to us.   So take this time and pull all the positive things from it.    Don’t let the negativity from the media pull you under.   I know many of you are sitting in front of a TV waiting for all the depressing updates.  We are all in the same position and none of us can change or fix this problem, so why stress over it.  It will runs its course and be gone.  When it does, we will all be better and stronger for it.

We know that this is serious but let’s not let it take over our life.   Let’s get doing things that we never had time to do.   Get some thing done around the house, or  play games with your kids or get to know your neighbours.  Think of all the the times you said ” I don’t have time for that” or I wish I could do that!, well guess what, you have plenty of time now.    Let’s get up and get moving and do some productive things, whether its learning something new or getting odd jobs done around the house or just building a better relationship with your family.   Stay positive we will come out of this much stronger and better humans for it.

Now I must say the flip side to this craziness is that soooo many people are wanting a puppy.   I can’t stress how overwhelming the requests have been in the last 4 weeks.    Its great that people want a puppy BUT things will get back to normal, this is not going to last for ever!   Then what?   Are those people looking long term!   For those of you who are fortunate enough to get a puppy in the middle of this crisis, let me just stress, you need to keep your everyday life as realistic as what it is when all goes back to normal.   I see a very high rise in separation anxiety coming soon.   Why because we are home all day and are using our pets to help get us through this situation.

We are over exercising our pets and have taken away their normal routine.   This will be an issue once things get back to normal.  So Please, try to keep things as normal as possible.  This relates to adult dogs and new puppies coming in.   Routine is so very important for them to be balanced and happy.   Be sure you are leaving the house, or going to another part of the house to give the dog/puppy some independent time.

The other issue I see through social media is that many puppies are out and about in the streets before vaccinations are completed.   Let me just give you a bit of information.   You all see how the COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire, well guess what this is exactly how fast your puppy can pickup Parvovirus or the dog strain called Canine coronavirus.   This is why its’ stressed that you should not take the puppies out until fully vaccinated.   Walk the puppies around on your arm until its safe to put them down.   Just like we have to be careful and wash your hands and use hand sanitizer every time we touch something is because we cannot see the virus and same for the dogs, we can’t see it so we have to take the same precautions.

I wish you all the very best through these unprecedented times that we are experiencing but let’s not let this bring us down.   Rise up, get moving and stay strong!   See you all on the flip side!



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