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Unconditional Love – How We Are Moving Forward!

Hi everyone, I want to talk about the unconditional love our pets bring to us.   I want to do a deep dive on what or who our dogs truly are!

As a breeder I’ve owned a lot of dogs over the years.   I’ve had my share of losses.    That doesn’t mean these losses were easy.   In all honesty I’ve had a very hard time to understand and accept loss.    Until I learned that my dogs are “beings” with a soul and that their beautiful souls will carry on.   So let me explain how I was able to understand  loss and accept it much better.

Our dogs, like humans have a soul.    It’s no accident that you have had dogs in your life and or continue to have them in your life.    Everyone of you, who have had or continue to own a dog, are or were, meant to have a dog in your life.

Each and every dog came into your life at a specific time to do a specific job “a mission” for you.   It could be to teach you love, give you love, show compassion, be a supportive companion etc.   If I go really deep in the “Woo” our pets were already chosen and set in place before we were born.    It’s hard to believe, but just sit back and reflect on all the dogs/pets you have had in your life.  Did they really help you with something?   I bet they did!

Each one will bring us different things, at the time we get a new one.   They are here mostly to heal  humanity.   As many of us need to learn to love and show compassion or be open to receive love.   They are the givers of unconditional love, no matter how badly we treat them.   Let’s be sure we treat them kindly.   Maybe it’s the kids that needed the companion.    Maybe you’re particular dog, heals others in your family, or community.    I hear stories from many customers who tell me their puppy has touched so many lives.   When I hear that, my heart grows with love.    “My puppies are angles in disguise” I have always believed that.    The odd time I might have a puppy or two left unsold for some reason.  Each time that happens, it was meant to be that way, because, these are “special” puppies with a special job.    This just happened again.    I never worry about this as I know it always works as it’s suppose to.

We’re all learning, healing and expanding at this time in our life.   Energies are more intense and I find the communication with the puppies and dogs are heightened.    It’s like, what I think, my dogs are understanding immediately.  The connections are quick and easier.   An example is, I was watering new grass seed for a few weeks near the road, so I didn’t want the dogs to follow me, so when I said  stay, they got it, and just lay down and waited for me to come back.  It’s like wow, that is awesome.   It never quite worked that good before.  I often tell my customers, when you are with your dog, you need to give your full attention and be in the present moment, in order to connect your energies together.   This is the key to your connection.   I say, think in your head what you want your dog to do, and likely it will happen with the exchange of your energy and words.    You need to be open to connection and focused.   We all have the ability to be telepathic with our animals.  Just set the intention to want to be in the same frequency as your dog and let it happen.

In the photo of this blog, this is my sweet girl Jewel.   She just recently passed, talk about heart break.   I knew she wasn’t well and I never want to let my dogs suffer, ever.    But I also knew that her beautiful soul will carry on.   That in itself eased my pain.    I know, if I am meat to be back in her connection, then I will.    This girl, was here for me for strictly unconditional love.   She gave me so much love, in her 8 years.   Those 8 years were not my best years, in my life.  Many ups and mostly downs, and I know she was here for me.   As the tears fall as I write this, I know in my heart she was here to love me through my pain.   When I was in a good place, she knew her mission was complete and it was her time to move on.   I am sure she has another mission to complete.   I also know she is close by.

That face in the picture is pure love.    I never really knew I needed it, but boy I did.  I can reflect back now and see it as it played out.    Her soul mission was love.    It’s been a few months since her passing, and it’s just now that I can really share my story.   I guess it’s  important to share.   Each of my dogs all  bring me something different.   My house dogs all have something different to give or learn.   My Bernadoodle Jade, she wants all the love, she doesn’t want to share me with the others.   Her journey, in my opinion, is to learn that she can’t be selfish and we share our love.

My Schnoodle Levi, well he is happy keeping the squirrels away and keeping the pack under control.   He checks in with me often but mostly keep the other dogs in check.   Axel, well he is the is my protector, and keeps the kennel dogs in check.   He doesn’t require much, just needs a few pats and some love and he’s good.   Then there is Beethoven, LOL.   He is quite a character, never had one like him.    He came to me, for training and basically never left, other than a few weeks, then he was back permanently.    Apparently he is my “kindred Spirit”, and a lesson.   Well lets say he is a pain in my a..    Well he started out that way, now that he is just a year old, he has settled in nicely.   I honestly am still trying to figure him out and what his true mission is.    He looks just like Jewel, but has a bit of German Shepherd in him.    I have alway chosen my dogs, he is the first to choose me.    I started with that and I am still sorting it all out.    He is a protector but boy is he different from the others.   I guess he brings challenges, and I will figure out what the lessons are soon enough.   All in divine timing!!

So just a short run down of a few of my personal dogs.   They are all different but the same in many ways.    I am truly blessed to do what I do and to be help others on their healing journeys.   I dedicate this blog to my special girl JEWEL❤️❤️🐾✨.    She loved me through some hard times, and I thank her soul often.  Maybe one day I will feel that love again.     We all need to learn from our animals, they are hear too show us how to love unconditionally, we all need to love one another in this way to move forward into a much better place.   Without love for humanity, we will not move forward.   We are all ONE RACE, no division, the was an illusion.    We are all the same race, no matter what we look like.   We are all fractals of source. (God, the universe etc)❤️.  It’s time to listen and learn, let them show you the way to oneness.

We are energy beings as are our pets and all animals.   I will be doing a video or ebook on this topic as its more difficult to get across but so so important to understand.    It will make our connection so much easier.  This is your foundation.    I am send you all love and light.

I will be in the near future doing live Q & A to provide tips and share some knowledge to help you out.   I will post on Facebook and on my Instagram when it will be.   You can link both from the website.    Cheers


Amy D.

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