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The New Way Forward

Hi everyone, I know it’s been awhile since my last post.    It’s going to be a tough one to beat.   I just reread my last blog and wow, I did good!!

I hope you are all well and surviving through these incredible times here on planet earth!  They claim what’s coming will be biblical!    I know things are changing and shifting all for the betterment of humanity.    For some this is still not something they are aware of or open too.    That is ok!  Soon, things will become evident that there has been many issues in our world.   All over the world, the same issues.     I want to say, it’s going to look scary and very bumpy at times, more so depending on where you live.    But now, more than any time in your life, you want to get to know you’re neighbours as we will all depend on one another to help use through the shift.    I did a previous post called “the Shift – Can you Feel It” well that shift is taking place as we speak.   Some of us are aware and many are still not!  That is ok!

If you are starting to question things, that is good.   Keep an open mind and look deeper.    The deeper you go, the more you will find out.    This is a good place to be.   Don’t assume all is well, we need to question everything as everything needs to be questioned.    We are powerful!  We are moving into different times.    Better times ahead!  It’s your time to shine, speak up, it’ time.

They say we’re  going into the Age of Aquarius.   This might not mean anything to you, yet some will know this already.   That is ok!    What I can suggest is that we start paying attention to our inner voice, or that feeling we get in our gut, that say wait, not sure about this, or yes go this is the right way.    It time for awareness to come into our minds more and more.    Awareness is the  first step to understanding what is coming.  That means we have to quieten our minds, in order to listen.   It’s important to take time to rest and relax.

Energies are shifting, becoming more powerful.    The energies coming from our Sun is ten fold.   These enemies are helping us all to transition into the “New Way Forward” not something to fear at all.   The sun in your best friend.   We have all been told to avoid it, why? – dig deep and you will know why.   If there is one thing I can say, is that, take fear out of your daily life.    We have to trust that we are fine and that the Universe has a plan.   We do need to have faith and trust that life will be better, I know it will.


With the shift in energies, and your  awareness, things will start to get easier if you stay out of a “fear” mindset.  Dig deeper into the meaning of “Age of  Aquarius”  and all it represents.   You won’t regret spending the time to learn.

Don’t be afraid to questions things and speak about your findings, there are many who are just waiting to hear from you and will gladly teach you more and help you understand what is to come.    We are all in this together and we are waiting for you all to catch up.

We have been made to shut up and not question things, all things, and now is the time to open your minds and  mouths and start to question all these questions.   All voices will be heard and rejoiced by those waiting for you to open up as ask, “what the f…” is going on in this world.    This will be bring joy to the planet, it will raise the vibration higher and this my friends is what we need to move forward – “The New Way Forward”

On a different note, but not really, I have uploaded a few new videos to my YouTube channel.    I kindly ask you to take a look, as it does talk about energy/frequency/vibration.   Especially if you have pets.     It’s important to understand these terms as this is how we communicate with your pets.    It’s the magical part of our connection.   Once you get it, you will be well on your way to the best connection ever.     Once I upload the last ones, I will go live to do a Q & A to answer any questions about our energy and our connection.    The videos are long but worth listening too.     Be sure you subscribe to my channel so you get the notifications.  Also please like the videos and leave any comments, it’s time to open up and start asking questions.   You can get the link from the website to be sure you get the right one.   The YouTube icon is on the front page.      I am so looking forward to helping you move forward “The New Way Forward” as it’s exciting and will be so much better.   Just trust that it will all work out.  Trust is word you keep in your mind moving forward.  “Faith over Fear, always❤️❤️❤️✨

Only the best!

Amy D.

P.S. feel free to leave any comments or questions!

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