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The Beauty of Fall

Hi everyone!   I hope you are are well and staying safe!  As round two of Covid hits.  Once again, it will pass and I think we are getting closer to getting our life back, or at least we can HOPE!

These last 6 months have been many things to many people; scary, exciting, grateful, depressing, emotional, happy, connected, as we all experience Covid in different ways.   I hope you can all pull something positive from these last 6 months.    Like working from home, saving time and money.   Having more time at home to spend with your family.   Growing a stronger bond with you kids and/or your spouse.  Helping others in need.  Working on home improvements, learning new skills, finding time to reconnect with yourself, being more mindful.  Whatever it might be or have been, I hope this experience that we are all faced with has made you more grateful and allowed you to see how we take so many things for granted.   Stay strong, keep your chin up, we will all get through this second wave as we know how to make the best of it this time around.

As most of you know the dog/puppy world has exploded!   With so many more people working from home temporarily or on a more permanent basis, they have decided that getting a puppy or a dog is an ideal time.   With that being said, yes it is a great time.   But, have you educated yourself and your dog/puppy?

If your just getting a puppy or know someone who has, be sure to let them know that it very important to give the puppy independent time.  Puppies need to learn that its ok to be left alone for periods of time and be happy.   But you need to teach this.  Set the puppy up for success!

So many dogs live with separation anxiety and we created it.  So please please be sure to educate yourself before getting your puppy.  Understand what is expected of you as an owner and what to expect from a puppy or an adult dog.   They all have needs that will have to be met.   Its’ up to you to teach the puppy the Rules, but first you as an owner need to know those Rules.

Dogs and puppies have helped many people get through this unprecedented time that we all have experienced and that is great.  But you have to be sure you have the best intentions for your furry friend in the end.

Socialization, were you able to socialize the puppy?  They need to be people socialized immediately.  The first 4 weeks is critical in socializing the puppy with people, more importantly kids and men.

My best advice to my customers, allow as many people to visit as possible, safely.  Also take them out as much as possible, but carry them on your arm until they are fully vaccinated.   Please, DO NOT put your unvaccinated puppy down in the public, like the Coronavirus, Parvovirus is very much the same.  You have no idea where it is, or who might be carrying it, in both humans ( on there shoes/hands) and other dogs (on their paws or stool).   It spreads easily and is deadly to an unvaccinated puppy.  If you are not taking these precautions be prepared to spend  upwards of $5000-$7000 in an attempt to save your puppy’s life.  If you choose not to take these precautions then you should be prepared financially.    Most puppies are put down as people are not willing to pay the money.   Its’ no fault of the puppy, its the owners lack of knowledge.   So please try to educate yourself as best as possible before every getting a puppy.   Its also very important to know where your puppy is coming from as well.

I know this is repeated from the last Blog, but it is so very important.  Lets keep our puppies safe!

Dog socialization is still important but that is secondary to people socializing.   So do the best you can under the restrictions but its’ still doable to socialize safely.

The last thing I want to mention, I am still hearing from people that they have been scammed.   Any reputable breeder will have a wait list.   Don’t be impatient or impulsive that you feel the need to pay three times the amount.  Take your time and research, be sure you know what you want.    Take your time, ask the right questions and get the right answers before giving a deposit.   Its’ still very sad to me that people can take advantage of others.

Lets end on a good positive note:  This is my favourite time of the year,  I love the fall.   I love the colours and the fresh air that comes with fall.   Try to get outside and breath some fresh fall air.  Take a drive to the country and experience Mother Nature at her best.   I am very grateful that I can see and do this daily!   Spend as much time as you can outside this fall.   Walk your dogs, or puppies on your arm, just take in the beauty even if its for an hour.  Find peace in the beauty of the fall colours.   No social media, or sad Covid news, just nature at its best.  Breath, smile be happy and reconnect.

Like the seasons, things change and seasons end but we all know that new seasons and new beginning start again!

Until next time! Amy



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