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Lindy – Schnauzer

Taking in an older dog, for us, was a very conscious decision. My husband and I knew that such a dog would be getting on in age where medical attention would be increasingly required. As well as this, emotionally we would have to invest our time getting the dog used to a new environment.

When I contacted Amy, she told me she had an 8 year old female, a pure bred Schnauzer, a beautiful breeding dog. The Schnauzer, Lindy, is a gentle dog with a good disposition. That told us she had been well looked after.

Now Lindy did require loving attention. After all, to her, we were strangers. And a city environment was something she simply wasn’t used to.
Lindy bonded with me immediately,..with my husband a little bit later. It took Lindy several months but she did make progress. The key to this was being patient and gentle.

Today Lindy is my precious baby. Her veterinarian always comments, how beautiful she is, and what a good nature she has. We would go through the process again. She has filled our hearts with such joy and laughter. Taking care of Lindy helps me take care of myself. She gives me her unconditional love.

Barbara and George Rosiecki
Mississauga, Ontario

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Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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