“We’re Passionate About Raising Healthy Dogs”

We would encourage anyone who is looking to purchase a puppy to contact Amy first. She’ll send you pictures of waht you are looking for, male or female. Once you choose the one you want she updates you with pictures at least once a week, and in the cutest settings.

Her kennel is exceptionally clean, no animal smell what so ever.

Amy herself is very pleasant and she will advise you on what food and treats to give your new puppy.

The puppies are all bathed and groomed before you pick them up.

Our new puppy “Sheba” adjusted very well to her new home and is a very fast learner. She is very happy and loves everyone.

My sister Sue got the brother (Benji) to our dog and her feelings about Amy, the kennel and the puppies are the same as ours.

Roger & Sandra D. and sister Sue G.
North Bay

Dear Amy:

Wanted to let you know that both our puppies Sheba and Benji are doing just great. They are so smart and have learnt a lot already. They both have lots of toys and clean homes. They are so affectionate. They love everybody. My mother is crazy about both of them. Roger just loves our little sheba so much. He can’t wait to get home from work to see and play with her.

They both learnt their names right away and come when you call them. Our sheba will sometimes do her job outside but we have a big yard and she wants to play in the leaves. She is getting a lot better at going on the training pads we put down inside the home. She sleeps through the night without going out.

Thanks so much for our puppies. You did a great job with them and I wanted to let you know that they are getting the best of care from us. I will send pictures as soon as possible. Have a great day.


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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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