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Schnoodle Sisters Maggie and Hannah

Hi Amy,

Wanted to send you a photo of our two Schnoodle girls & a special thanks.
On the bottom step of the photo is our first Schnoodle Maggie that was born in June 2016 at your kennel, on the top step is our second Schnoodle Hannah that was born in June 2019 now 5 months old.

Amy my wife & I first visited your kennel in 2016. Both my wife & I were quite impressed by your reception, the cleanliness of your facility, and, having done some research on Schnoodles your willingness & knowledge answering our questions was just great.

During the transition from birth, to picking our pups out, and to taking them home you kept us informed on their progress along with videos you sent us of our pups. On the days of picking each pup up you informed us what we needed in the way of diet, health care, sleep & potty training,  vaccinations they already had & would further need, do’s & don’ts and when our pups should be spade.

Maggie now three years old has had no health care issues and was potty trained the by the end of the same week we brought her home. Maggie loves to play with her new sister Hannah, both play for hours on end tiring each other out. They go for long walks & now sleep in the same bed together I constructed next to our bed at night both have fit in really well learning daily routines.

Hannah now five months old like most Schnoodles pups is a powerhouse of energy and keeps Maggie busy all day long. Hannah has fit in perfectly with Maggie from day one & both are so close. She basically does what her big sister Maggie does & likewise has been easy to train. Hannah after receiving her final vaccinations just went with curly Maggie for her first cut and groom.

Thanks again Amy, it’s been a total pleasure. Needless to say, our pups are family and a big part of our lives.


Martin & Sandra Arnett

Thornhill Woods, ONT

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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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