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The Puppy Parent Guide

The Puppy Parent Guide

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A Step By Step Guide to help you navigate the Critical Stage of your Puppy’s Life!

From…crate and potty training… to using the proper equipment and how to use that equipment effectively… to sleeping through the night etc.

Most importantly the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best possible TRANSITION🐾✨



The Puppy Parent Guide


Are You Anxious, Excited and Scared to death, about the thought of bringing home your First Puppy?  You are not alone… New Puppy Parents’ – No Need to Stress – I Can…Help YOU Feel Confident and Empowered!

With my 20 plus years in placing puppies in forever homes, I know a thing or two about what it takes to be successful puppy parents. It’s Why I created this…This Step By Step Guide! – Pro-Tips on Potty Training… How to get Through the First Few nights… Setting Boundaries and Using the Proper Training Tools… Most Importantly… Understanding Your Puppy’s Language to Communicate!

In The Puppy Parent Guide – I set out The How To’s and The Why… we need to do certain things that results in your success.  It’s how we build a solid Foundation!

It’s A Fact that New Puppy Parents that are Educated Prior to Puppy coming home are VERY likely to Succeed than those who have No Prior Puppy Education!

Having the Guidance to Navigate Through the Transition Stage and the Confidence under your belt, = Success… The Transition Stage is the MOST IMPORTANT Stage of Your Puppy’s Life!    This is where we build the Foundation!

I am committed to providing the best possible education to all Puppy Parents, so they have the knowledge and tools they need to guide their puppy through the transition stage with confidence.

About the Author:

Amy Dillabough, a nature loving, Canadian girl with a passion for dogs and their wellbeing.   She is a Puppy Transition Coach and Breeder.

Being a successful breeder for over 20 years, Amy knows a thing or two about puppies, their transition and, new puppy parents.

Her passion runs deep into wanting to enlighten and empower all puppy parents to be Confident and Successful.

She is not able to provide everyone with a puppy.   She can Guide you all through the Puppy Transition Stage and Set YOU up for Success!

Her Mission – Educating New Puppy Parents = Less Puppies surrendered to shelters.

2 reviews for The Puppy Parent Guide

  1. kathy

    i love this!

  2. Lise J (verified owner)

    The Puppy Parent Guide coaches you and your new puppy towards a loving relationship from the first day of your life together. It is a very reliable guide which answers all the commonly asked questions such as the best way to potty train and why it is very important to crate train. It also includes an extensive section with sound advice regarding the best way to care for your puppy’s health. I highly recommend the E3 Training Program—it is a very valuable resource for all new puppy parents.

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