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Nikki – Molly

Hello Amy,

As you may recall, when I brought wee Nikki to my home she was a shy little girl who was suddenly being bombarded with new things, new places, new people… everything was new and strange to her here.  She quickly claimed a spot on my sofa as hers’, and used that as her vantage point to monitor all the happenings in this strange new place.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but her name, Nikki, seemed to get lost and eventually she became Miss Molly.  She and my little male Shih-Tzu developed a very friendly relationship and now they do everything as a couple.  When one wants out, they both go, when one goes to bed, they both go, when one asks for a treat, they both wait for me to get it.

Molly is a pretty healthy little girl.  She still needs some dental work, and her vet has advised me to monitor her food intake fairly closely.  Because she so loves her food and treats, she could easily become overweight if allowed to eat all she wants, so we do some calorie counting and just be a little careful not to indulge in too many treats.

Molly has become such an important part of my family I cannot imagine life without her.  From the first day here she has been very clean in the house.  She is gentle and generally very quiet, although she can get pretty excited when she sees something exciting is about to happen, like a treat or a car ride.  When she is excited she does this amazing little dance… her little feet move so quickly you can hardly watch them!

I love my wee girl very much and it is obvious that she is very happy here in her new home.  I am so appreciative that you saw fit to allow me to have her.

Thanks so much, Amy.

Joan Kay

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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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