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We specialize in Poodle Crosses because we believe they make wonderful pets. They’re non-shedding and their offspring are healthier. These poodle mixed breeds are very intelligent, making them easy to train.

Life Continues !

Hi everyone, I do apologize for the delay in this Blog.   With the crazy times we are still living with, things have been, let’s just say, OVERWHELMING!

As most of you are aware of, it seems everyone on the planet wants a puppy/dog.   That is great, if it’s for the right reasons!!   Please, please educate yourself.   Having a puppy is a great responsibility.  Its at least a 14 year commitment not just a 4 month commitment.   Once COVID is over are those you of still going to want your puppy/dog?   Did you train it properly?   Have you prepared the puppy/dog for what lies ahead?  When you are no longer at home all day long, did you prepare your puppy for that time?    I hope you did!  Did you educate yourself and train your puppy properly?

Giving your puppy independent time is an absolute must!   Your puppy/dog will spend many hours alone, so be sure that they are prepared to be along and to be happy alone.   It’s a horrible life for a dog to live with anxiety especially when we can prevent it.   We are the ones who create the anxiety, a puppy is not born with it.  Be a good owner and do what is right for your puppy, but first you need to be educated.

I hope in the near future we do not see an overwhelming amount of dogs surrendered to the shelters,   due to the lack of education from the owner and no proper training to the puppy/dog.  Many people are predicting this will happen.  This would be horrible.

I have spent the last two months weeding through hundreds of emails to be sure I am being responsible and choosing those you are serious about being a puppy owner for the long haul.   It has been difficult to say the least.

For those you who have a puppy and are struggling with socializing, now that some stores are open, take your puppy into as many stores as possible.  Carry them on your arm, this will help them get use to all the different site and sounds.   You can also walk them around your neighbourhood on your arm if they are not allowed on the sidewalks yet.   For those of you who might not know this, but you should not put your puppy down in he public areas until they are fully vaccinated.   Parvo virus is like Covid-19, you have no idea who has it or how its getting passed on to your puppy.   So be responsible and keep your puppies safe.

One last thing I need to talk about.   There are sooo many scammers out there these days.  I have had many people contact me and I hear about their story.  People, you need to be sure who you are giving your money too.   There are too many red flags, don’t be in a hurry to get a puppy!   Take your time and find the person that you can trust and that you can talk to and have a conversation with.  If you can’t do that then there is a problem.   I have been overwhelmed with calls, and yes I have not returned most the calls.   There was not enough hours in the day to do so.  But normally I call and talk to my customers.   I have noted on my website that I DO NOT allow other people to sell my puppies.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there are people out there using my kennel name saying the puppies are from me.  Not true, I am the only person who sells my puppies.  Please report this to me if you happen to come across this situation.   Currently my Facebook page has been compromised  and I am suspicious of why.  It seems many videos and pictures have been removed.

We are in hard times and we have people like that taking advantage of  others.  I have heard of puppies being sold for $4500 and more.  Don’t let others take advantage of you.   Take your time and research properly.

As for Covid-19, people get out and get back to life.  Just protect yourself when you are out.  That is how life is going to be.  Worry about yourself and get back to life!  Enough of this living like hermits.

Be safe and lets get our life back!


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