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Hi Amy,
I was going to e-mail you anyway, do you raise miracle puppies!! He is terrific. Mallory was with him last evening as we had to be out until around 11pm. I played with him until around 11:30 then took him out for pee. He whined just for a moment in his crate then went off to sleep until 7:15am WOW. He is eating well, going to the door and doing super with the pees and poops! and we had him playing outside a wee bit today. I started to do some work in the kitchen and he slept on my feet, it feels like he has been here forever. Thank-you again so much. I hope the drive home was OK for you and that the weather co-operated. I hope everyone was able to make it to see the parade. Again, really appreciate the fact that you brought him down. I will keep you updated.


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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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