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Hi Amy,

What a dog!

Kugle continues to grow nicely. He has had all his shots and our vet was easy to work with, following your direction on staggering the vaccines.

This puppy is so special. We have to add several minutes to our walks to make up for the time it takes when cars stop and other passer-bys stop us to ask about his breed and comment on his good looks and loving disposition.

We have started puppy classes with a local dog training company – McCann’s. Taking classes is also a wonderful thing to do. Kugle is learning to socialize with other pups while we learn the tricks to fine training. Even with my behavioral training, I couldn’t recommend more highly that any new puppy owner take advantage of good training. Kugle comes when called, is learning to sit on command and tells us when he needs to go outside.

As for Arlene, she is sooo in love with Kugle it is difficult to recall that she wasn’t a dog person.

Kugle is also a welcome addition to my counseling practice. Clients comment regularly on his good disposition and cute face. He lies quietly beside me during sessions and if he has any difficult moments, I place him into his kennel where he settles quickly to sleep.

We lucked out with this pup and continually tell people about you; how you worked with us to determine the cross-breed best suited to our lifestyle and that you were open and transparent about your business and that you offered sound advice for getting started. Working with you was well worth the drive.

I trust you are well and wish you continued success with your passion.


Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Kugle Update:

Hi Amy,

One of my goals with Kugle was for him to be a therapy dog and for us to do volunteer work together.

Two weekends ago, Arlene and I attended testing by the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Service to volunteer as part of their program. Because we both wanted to be able to “handle” Kugle when volunteering, we both had to pass the test separately with Kugle.

We all passed!

The St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Service is more organized and structured than you might imagine…

We had to attend an orientation meeting and then the exam.

The examination lasted about two hours. The examination tests you and the dog in about 8 simulated conditions to determine the handler’s control of the dog and dog’s response. No running, no aggression, good manners and good control throughout.

In Arlene’s group there were 6 dogs/handers and 2 didn’t pass. In my group there were 7 dogs/handlers and 1 didn’t pass.

After you pass the examination you then need a criminal reference check and then 4 supervised visits where the program coordinator attends with you to observe and provide guidance to facilitate your role in the volunteer setting. (The Coordinator is responsible for hooking you up with a placement, but given we are volunteers, we have a say as to whether or not we are comfortable with the placement and we get to advise of our availability.)

Kugle is a remarkably gentle and loving dog, thanks to your great breeding and support, and then due to our taking considerable training courses to learn how to best train him. As you are aware, we didn’t know a thing when we picked up our gorgeous cock-a-poo from you, but now a year later, goals met and fully getting the most from our experiences as trained dog owners.

Tomorrow – back to the vet for Kugle’s annual check-up and vaccinations.

I trust all is well on your end.


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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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