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Hello my friends, it has been awhile!   I do apologize for that.    Life kinda took many of us off track, I guess you could say.     I’m back and determined to stay focused and positive and taking my Power back.     I took a bit of  time to refocus and unwind.


I am sure many of you have gone through many ups and downs, with the way the world has gone.    I am here to tell you all,  stay positive, it looks really bad at this moment but trust me, it’s going to get better soon!   “No storm last forever”.  We are in the middle of a storm.  We are almost there, hang in there, don’t give up!!!


We all need to rise up and pick ourselves up from the low vibration of darkness that we have been under.    There is so much love and healing happening, on planet earth as we speak.    I see it all around me.   So many families/people making amends and lots of forgiveness, this is so very powerful at this time in our lives.   Toxic relationships are ending, for the better.   Take a moment and see if it’s happening in your family/friends circle!   It lights me up, and makes me smile.   I feel my heart grow bigger each time I witness it.❤️   It’s such a great feeling to see it all unfold after years of craziness/control.


The puppies bring so much love and healing.   I have heard many stories recently about how one puppy is touching many lives, this makes my heart smile.  This is what it’s all about.  These little souls (angles) healing all that needs healing.✨✨🐶❤️‍🩹    I have meet wonderful people in the last few years, all with great stories to share.   When you share your story, wether it was a happy one or a sad one, we are either healing ourself, or we are healing others.    So please feel free to share with others so we can all help heal one another.  Powerful.❤️


If I can say one thing to you all, you/me/us, we are all creators of our own destiny.   We have to realize we are co-creators of our own life.    Let that sink in or a moment.   What we THINK we CREATE, so be sure you are creating the most positive loving thoughts.  Look up, “Law of Attraction”.   We are all such amazing people -light/energy beings.  We are made to be compassionate, to love, to forgive and to be ONE and to live in harmony.   We are not living in harmony, we are getting there.   The darkness is what tries to divide and keep our light dim.


We are love and light.   So let’s start shinning bright.   It’s our time to shine, to love and be one.   A simple smile to a stranger or you’er neighbour, will go a long way.    When we shine bright, others notice as they feel your vibration/energy.   Shine bright so you can pass that energy on to others, just imagine how many people we can effect with a simple smile.   Powerful!     Try it, and let me know of it goes.   When you feel down, go sit in the sun, it will lighten you up so you can keep shining.   The sun is very important to our well being.   It’s very critical we sit outside daily and soak up those very  powerful rays. 🌞🌞  I sit in the sun every day.  It’s peaceful and energizing.


I want to wish you all a blessed day.   We are coming into my favourite season.    The vibrant colours are already started.   Make a point of getting out in nature this fall to take in the beauty and sun.    Enjoy your fall walks with your dogs and take a moment to look around you and really take it in.    Keep shinning your light, we are all light beings, so let’s shine as bright as we can, our planet needs it.   Most of you don’t realize what is happening on planet earth. You will very soon and it is an incredible time to be alive on planet Earth.


Stay positive my friends, and remember it’s going to get better, you have to believe that, for it to happen.   Big hugs, until next time.❤️


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