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Hi to you in the Bancroft area.  Here’s my experience, about adopting a retired breeder gal.  You told me to have patience and it has worked.
Eb has her own personality and traits and thoughts.  She is super smart and that may just be the breed because she is the only spaniel that I have lived within my adult life.  She surprises me most days, like today when we were out the back it was the first time she had seen snow since living here and she made a path by eating the snow.  She usually has her dog dinner at 4:00 pm and because of the upcoming time change, I have been waiting to feed her until nearly 5:00 to get her adjusted.  If she does something that is a tad unexpected in here, I just say “uh uh” and she seems to understand and looks to me.  I just say, good girl and we motor on.  Adoption of an adult dog is so different than bringing a puppy home.

Best advice:
Talk to her all day.
When it’s my bedtime, say night, night, to the girl.
Love her as much as she will tolerate.
Never raise your voice inside the house.
Say “walkies” when you have the leash in your hand and she will respond.
Repeat words like dog dinner, cookie, good girl,  also dog outside now, let’s go for a car ride or in your case a truck ride and dog inside now.  And when you leave her alone in the house for a brief time, tell her that “I won’t be gone long”.

Oh, and let her find the places she likes to sleep.
There are probably some things that I have not detailed here and you may wonder why I call her Princess Ebony.  I knew that I had seen an identical spaniel like her before and when it dawned on me that she is the same breed that Prince William and Kate brought into their life, and named Lupo, I knew she was of Royal decent.
Amy, you can call me anytime here – we do not have a leave a message option, so just call again.  My best to you, (photo to follow)

Anne and Ebby in Orillia.

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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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