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Transitioning puppy parents to be enlightened & empowered


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A step-by-step guide helping you become an Empowered Puppy Parent

Over the years I have met many people and lovely families with the same goal of owing a puppy.  Owning a puppy is a big responsibility. I realized that I cannot provide a puppy to everyone.  What I can do is support them on their journey to becoming empowered and enlightened puppy parents.

That’s why I created my new program E3.   I have always made it my mission to create Empathy, to Educate and Empower (E3).

As a puppy transition coach and breeder E3 is what I stand for.  The emotional bonds start early on and the journey is continued as forever homes are selected for each and every puppy.  

I am committed to providing the best possible education to all of my puppy parents, so they have the knowledge and tools they need to guide their puppy through the transition stage.  I empower every owner to leave A&R feeling proactive and confident.

I know that I can help you with your new puppy.

I am hopeful that this new journey will help many new puppy owners and keep puppies in forever homes.

Wishing you only the best!

💞Amy Dillabough

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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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