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Do You Feel The Shift?

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

I want to start by send my love to all of you who have suffered losses in your life, in the past few years.  Life has been cruel to say the least. But…

Our world as we know it is changing.    Changing for the better that is.   Have you heard the term “we are ascending” being toss around out there?   Well if you haven’t, you might soon enough.   It’s time to expand our minds and step outside the box and into new territory.    You might be wondering “what new territory”?   Mother Earth is shifting and ascending.   Ascending to  a higher consciousness (of thinking -of knowing).  We are also shifting and ascending with her.    Look up the Schumann Resonance, it measures the consciousness.   It’s off the chart like never seen before.

You might also be wondering , How?   We have all been gradually ascending over the last few years.   It started with the bigger rise in consciousness in 2020.    As more people started to expand their minds to what is happening in the world and be open to learn more about it, the consciousness will continue to rise.     This is the most important part, that we learn and continue to expand our thinking for the better of humanity.

With the rise of consciousness will come great rewards.  New Earth, the Golden Age and a life we could only dream of.    We are still in the “hard work” stage of trying to open the minds of others who are not quite awake yet to the goings on in current life that are meant to harm us.   We still have much healing to do as a collective but we are moving forward and will continue to heal and move forward once our brothers and sisters continue to wake up and expand their minds.

We have to stand-in our power as ONE, one people, one race, one world.   There must not be any more division.   We are all one people, we are all of humanity and humanity is depending on us to all stand in our power and stand together against the powers who wish to divide humanity – world wide!    We are all brothers and sisters and we are here to help one another.     Love is the way.   Start by showing love to others.    A smile, holding a door, helping an elderly person with groceries or shovelling their drive, anything we can do from the kindness of our hearts is love 💕   We vibrate at a much higher frequency when we come from a place of love.   It’s such a happy place to be in.   Self love is most important.   Learn to Love yourself first.   You MATTER, we ALL DO ❤️.   Time to let go of fear that keeps us locked down in such a low dark frequency/energy.    Rip open the curtains, let the sunshine in and stand in your LOVE power!

When we start to do this more and more, the healing will happen faster and we will continue to ascend.   Do not be afraid of ascending, have faith in the Universe and believe we will live a much better life in the near future.   See your new life, vision it, how it will be with money and no stress, and just living life without any cares.    That is what we will have, just keep it in your mind.   Just feel how awesome that will feel, no stress about life or money, just see it and feel it.

We have a bit more hardship to face but we are all here for each other and love is the only way forward.   I know your thinking  “what the heck is this girl talking about” but trust in the Universe and Mother Earth, she needs us the most to help her make her Ascension!    This is a great time to be alive on Planet Earth.   You will soon understand and be very grateful to be a part of such a great event.    Never be afraid, we are not alone and we are all protected.    The most important thing is BE KIND TO ALL, and keep expanding the mind even if you’re afraid.

Such great times are just ahead, I am here to help you open your minds and to keep the consciousness rising, that is the KEY to our success for a much greater life, it’s so very close, we just need to wake up the others in a loving way.

Sending you love and light!


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