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The Cock-a-Poo is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle.

By crossing these two breeds, we are aiming for healthier puppies. We are also producing a non-shed or very low shedding puppy. These are one of the most popular mixes.  They are great family pets.  

Let’s discuss tails, more so whether to crop or to leave intact.  This bred is to have a cropped  tail.   I get more and more requests to have a tail left intact.   I have No problems leaving a tail intact.  I will now leave this decision up to the customers.  You will need to specify whether you want a cropped tail or an intact tail at the time of going onto our wait list.  A deposit will be required at that time.  

More about the Cock-a-Poo

Cock-a-Poos are either curly or shaggy – teddy bear look. Please refer to the pictures to see the different types.  Whether the coat is shaggy or curly, you will still have a very low-shed to non-shed dog.  

These are very intelligent dogs. They are great all around family pets. They range in size from 18- 25 lbs.   They also come in a variety of colours.  See the slide below for the various colours. 

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