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To prevent helpless dogs from being surrendered to Shelters only to be killed! Over 1.5 million dogs are surrendered to Shelters every year. A very high percent of them are killed within 48-72 hours. There is nothing more heartbreaking for me as a dog breeder to read.

To educate people about puppies/dog so you make an educated decision when choosing a puppy so that they end up in Forever Homes and not in Shelters within a year because your decision was impulsive, or you chose the wrong breed of dog based on your abilities, lifestyle and lack of education.

To educate as many people as possible about what to expect from a puppy, to help and guide them in making a decision based on knowledge. But more importantly the type of dog that is ideal for your family and the environment you live in. This is where most people go wrong. They get a puppy and have no idea of it size, exercise required, and the training required. These are the dogs that were never socialized and have behaviour issues that land then in a shelter.

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