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Christmas Puppies!

Hi everyone, with Christmas only 23 days away, I thought I would talk about giving Puppies as a Christmas Gift.   Many of you who know me, know that I am not a fan of puppies being given as a  Christmas gift on Christmas morning.   It is a very exciting time and so much going on, that putting a puppy into this environment would be very stressful.

There is no problem with a family wanting to have a puppy as a gift, but it should be done well before Christmas.   I had a lovely family just a week or so age purchase a puppy as a gift to their children.   They did surprise the kids.  But it was done in a way that there was no stress on the puppy whatsoever.   They came early in the day while the children were at school.   The puppy went home, got settled in and was ready for the excitement.

They had a box all wrapped up.  One parent had taken the puppy, put her in the box and run around to the front door.   Knocked on the door and they all proceeded to the front door to see what or who was there.   When they opened the door there was a big box.   Of course, the puppy had just started to whine, the kids looked at each other and started to scream and cry and were absolutely freaking out that they had gotten the puppy they always wanted.

The puppy was immediately scooped up out the box by the father.  It was very emotional for me to see how happy they were.    The tears of happiness and the looks on their faces were priceless.   It made me feel proud that I was part of making these children very happy.    This family had researched and were ready to take on the responsibility that goes with raising a puppy.

So you see, I have no issues with a puppy for Christmas if done proper.  A puppy is a life commitment for at least 12-14 years.

So please, if you are considering getting a puppy for your kids or a loved one, Be Sure this is what your family is ready for.   So many times cute little puppies are given as gifts and then a few months or a year later are in the shelters or left tied up in the back yard because they are not so cute anymore and were never really wanted.   These are live breathing creatures that deserve to go to forever homes.   If you are not sure about giving a puppy, then chances are its not a good idea.  Peopled need to be educated before purchasing a puppy.

Successful transitions happen when you are educated and ready for a puppy. That is my mission, to give as many puppies the best possible transition into there new homes by educating the new owners!! My mission is just beginning!!

You can always give a Gift Certificate for a puppy or part cost of a puppy, for when the time is right and the person or family is ready to commit to having a puppy and caring for one.

I want to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season and hope Santa finds you all.  I hope no one is on the Naughty List.   Merry Christmas and have a great holiday season.

Lastly, remember,  keep your chocolate up high, chocolate is toxic to your dog.   Be aware of other dangers to your pet at Christmas.  Amy D.


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