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This is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Mini Poodle and/or Toy poodle – considered a small breed.

Colours of the Cavaliers are Blenheim (red and white), tri colour (black, white and tan), black and tan and Ruby. We will get a mix of these colours in our Cava-poos depending on colours of the breeding parents.  We can also get all black or lighter blonde as well. 

Like all pure breed dogs, they have health issues, the purpose of crossing the Cavaliers with the poodle is to produce healthier offspring and keeping some familiar traits of the breed.

These will be a non-shedding to low-shedding breed.  Most are non-shedding. 

More about the Cava-Poo

These puppies are friendly and smart by nature due to the great easy going nature of the Cavaliers and the intelligence of the poodle. They will be great family pets with children, young or older, with families without children and for seniors. They are very adaptable to any and all environments.

These puppies will be very social, so socializing them as puppies will be important. They will be affectionate, playful and super smart. Very easy to train.  Size rage for this breed 12 – 20 lbs depending on breeding parents. 

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