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Hi Amy, just want to say thank you for such an amazing dog. When we began our search for a puppy we looked at several different websites and even visited a few kennels but weren’t quite satisfied. Even though your kennel was a 4 1/2 hour drive for us it was well worth it! Buying a puppy over the phone and only seeing pictures on the internet we were a little skeptical but once we arrived at your kennel we were very impressed. You have such a great set up for the puppies and we could tell how well they were taken care of.

Callaway has definitely kept us on our toes and been quite the adventure for us. He is a fun loving family dog and a great addition to our family. When we go out we always have someone stopping us and asking about him. We get rave reviews how cute and smart he is. He definitely is an entertainer and charms everyone with all of his tricks.

Thanks again!

Shirley, Mike and Callaway Horsley

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Thank You.

Thank you for trusting in me, I look forward to our journey together.

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