A Shorkie is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier.

These are both low shedding breeds therefore the puppies will also be low shedding dogs as well. If there is an allergy issue in your family, I do suggest coming out to play with a Shorkie to determine if there is a reaction or not. You should be fine for the most part. Again our focus is on producing healthier offspring.

This cross is very similar to the Shih-Poos. The odd one might resemble the Yorkie a little more. But for the most part the Shorkies look a lot like the Shih-Poos.

These are very smart and lovable pets. They are great with children and make an all around family pet. They are very eager to please and will train very easily.

They are a more sturdy breed in comparison to the Yorkie-Poos. They are not so fragile. These dogs would do okay with smaller children as well. They will be less active than the Yorkie-poos. The Shih Tzu part of this breed gives them a little more laid back personality.

Their coats will be soft and fluffy. The dogs that look more like a Yorkie could have a little more wire hair type coat. Colours to date have been more the Yorkie mix of black and tan. I also get brown/tan with white chest and feet. They range in size from 7 12 lbs depending on the parents.

Photos of other Shorkies at various ages

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