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NOTE: We are delighted that there is so much interest in our puppies but to be fair to our customers we've had to create a working wait list. If you are serious about getting one of our mixes please contact us to be formerly placed on the list.





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Updated: June 23, 2019


How to Purchase One of Our Puppies


Deposits are required to hold your chosen puppy.

The $200 deposit is non-refundable.

Balance will be due on pickup date.

Once you have selected a puppy and provided a deposit consider yourself committed to taking that puppy.


Puppies are live animals with special needs. These puppies are very special to me and I want to place all my puppies in Forever Homes. One should consider all the issues before taking home a puppy.

Unless there is a health concern with the puppy, money will not be refunded if you need to return the puppy. These puppies are not on trail runs, Forever Homes only.

I am more than happy to take the puppy back to re-home but money refunded is not likely.

If there is a health concern with a family member due to the presence of a puppy and we have discussed prior to taking the puppy, then yes money will be refunded full or partial depending on the age of the puppy and the reason.

Extended Stay

If a puppy needs to stay with us for an extended period of time, there will be a fee of $75 per week for this service. Our puppies are very ready for their new homes at the 8 week period. This is a good time for placing them in their new homes.



What is Important to You?
Cheaper and Convenient or Healthy and Happy?

As a breeder I take great pride in providing the best possible start and care for our puppies.

All our puppies are 9 weeks old or older (depending on size) when declared ready to go. They are all vet checked and dewormed a number of times. We provide a 2-year health guarantee (part of the puppy package you will receive). We strive to raise the healthiest puppies we can.

Our facility is very clean and maintained daily. We welcome customers or potential customers to come out and visit us to see where their new family member is being raised and cared for.

Pet Brokers

When you choose to buy a puppy from a broker, which there seems to be more of these days (since Toronto has no more pet stores), you are taking a big risk.

Let me provide you with some important information…

Brokers are not reputable breeders. They buy the puppies from other breeders with backgrounds of the dogs unknown. You cannot visit the facility or meet the canine parents. Health of the parents is rarely provided or stated. There's a huge chance you are buying a puppy from either a puppy mill or backyard breeder.

It's also really important to have a relationship with the breeder of your puppy. They can answer questions, which the broker cannot. For example:

  • Is this dog the right fit for my home situation?
  • What food should I buy?
  • What about crate training?
  • What is normal and when should I go to a vet?

Most brokers do not provide a health guarantee like we do nor are they available to answer questions months after your purchase.

Our location might be inconvenient but we make every effort to work out delivery issues if you cannot make the trip twice.

So the bottom line is…

What Is Important to You?

- Amy Dillabough

Please Note: A & R Country Kennel has no affiliation with any other dog breeders. We are an independent kennel whose aim is to raise healthy dogs; sell puppies at reasonable prices; and educate new owners about canine care. We use natural breeding techniques and run a very clean, humane facility. We raise first generation puppies. All our parents are pure bred dogs. We do not allow other kennels or pet stores to sell our puppies on our behalf.

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