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Bichon-Poo (aka Poo-Bi)

Hi Amy,

Sorry I've taken a while to reply; I've been busy with family stuff and back to school!

Pippin is a lovely little guy.  He's turning out to be a great companion, and he's super friendly with everyone.  He's quite good with kids; he'll roll right onto his back for a belly rub!  He's socializing well, and loves discovering new places.  One of his favourite haunts is the Arboretum... I took Pippin to PEI at four months old, and he handled the long drives and hotel stays like a pro!  Seeing him frolic on the beach, splashing the sea water and digging holes in the sand, was just priceless!  Thanks to you, crate training was all but done; any accidents in the house occurred when I missed his cues because he knew right away that outside is where it's done.  As for the crate, he absolutely loves it and seeks it out when he needs quiet time.  I am so glad to have him in my life!

Thanks for the lovely dog!

Sarah Heagle

Hi Amy

I have intended daily to email you to give you an update on Baxter. I did not realize how much time and attention they need but we are enjoying the experience. He is doing very well. He is about 8 pounds now, growing quickly. We are very impressed with his ability to learn. I hesitate to sound like a bragging parent but he is very sharp. Very quickly he learned to ring the bell to go out to do his business. He can sit, come, stay and bring a toy to play with that he is asked to retrieve. He is a people dog and has won the hearts of all who visit. Thanks for all your good breeding.

Virginia, Geoff and Baxter

Hi Amy

I have thought of sending you an email often to let you know how wonderfully things are going. Our trip out to your house was a memorable day for our family. I don't think we could have gotten a better little pup. She is amazingly smart. We have never had a dog before and I was a little apprehensive, but her house and crate training were a snap, she has taken obedience training and was easily the best in her class. We have lots of great photos too. We followed your instructions carefully to hold her a lot the first few days and then once she adjusted well to coming home, we stopped and gave her some independence. She only whined a little the first few nights and has never had any problem sleeping in her crate since. She often heads in on her own when she is tired.

We named our pup "Lily" (got her near Easter).

Wherever we go other dog owners comment on how she doesn't bark, greets new dogs really well and her general good behaviour.

Lily loves to cuddle but after awhile she will wander off to her own space as she seems to enjoy some independence. Your suggestion to give her a stuffed animal to sleep with when she first came home was the best advice, She loves her stuffed animal and still sleeps and plays with it.

Lily even sits still while the girls try on new outfits they have sewn for her.....(we don't really make her wear them!) Lily has made a wonderful addition to our family.


Gary and I brought our little Poo-Bi home February 16, 2006. We named her Brandy and adored her from the first time we saw her. We take Brandy everywhere we go. Gary and I travel a lot with our motor home and Brandy is the perfect traveling companion. She is the perfect size for the motor home.

We also do a lot of camping and kayaking and Brandy enjoys both.

I think our friends visit us just to see Brandy. She loves to perform tricks and loves to be the center of the party.

Brandy has completed Puppy and Intermediate School.

When we bought Brandy in February we had no idea how much of a comfort she was going to be to us. Gary and I both lost a parent this summer and when my father was in the hospital I took Brandy there everyday with me and she would visit the other patients and the nurses. At that time she was only 4 1/2 months old. I was told that she would make a great therapeutic dog and I plan to put her in the Advanced Class in the spring (2007). In November Gary had to have Open Heart Surgery and while he was in the hospital Brandy was a great comfort to me. When Gary came home she was very sensitive to his condition and just curled up on his lap. Now Gary and I can't imagine life without Brandy and look forward to many years of enjoyment with her.




I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us before we brought Zoe home, it helped us a great deal and we have followed everything and have a very well adjusted puppy already as a result. She goes to her food on her own now and has been eating and drinking well since we brought her home. Although at first she doesn't like her crate unless it is bedtime and she is really tired, she does settle down in it. She has a big stuffed puppy with a squeaky that sounds like her that sleeps with her along with her chew toys. She knows her own name already and has done well with potty outside. Only 1 small accident and that was our fault, we didn't recognize her sign but we are all learning.

The first night she slept 7 1/2 hours, the second only 5 but went back in the crate after going outside successfully and although she didn't like the idea, she did settle down for another couple of hours.

Today she is full of energy, is exploring farther under supervision and has explored more of the yard. She has her spot that she prefers for her bathroom, the rest of the yard is her play area where she bounces around chasing leaves and just enjoying. She went for her first walk today in the front yard on my arm as you demonstrated and took it all in but was a bit nervous at first. Another one tomorrow to show her around.

She has adjusted so well and we love her so much. Thank you for her. We were very impressed with your facility and all your dogs seemed happy. It was great to be able to see Zoe's parents too.

We will keep in touch and send pictures as she grows. I would not hesitate at all in sending others to you for an addition to their family.

Kind regards


Hi Amy:

Just wanted to let you know how extremely happy we are with "Easton" our Cock-a-poo,  six months old from Roxy and Otis.  His temperament is quiet and laid-back for majority of the time.  Very seldom barks, we love that!! Somewhat like Roxy?  He was just what we were looking for.

He is so much a part of our family we do everything with him and we do not like to leave him out.  He is our little baby.  Everyone caters to him and the novelty still hasn't worn off yet with the kids.  It has been four months and the kids have impressed us tremendously. 

We have attached some recent photos of him.  When we take him out everyone thinks he resembles more of the cocker-spaniel.

We have been bragging about your facility in Bancroft and just recently friends of ours received a puppy from you a Lhasa-poo,  Shawn and Terry Moore from Alliston.  Their puppy Jake is very cute too.

Thank you once again for such a beautiful and amazing little puppy Easton!!!

Rob, LeeAnn, Brianna, Brody and Brynne

Hi Amy,

I have been meaning to write to you to let you know how our little baby is doing. We named him Jett and he has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We absolutely LOVE him. He has the greatest personality and is so gentle and cuddly - we could not have asked for a more perfect dog. He's had all his shots except for Rabies (which he gets this weekend). We took your advice and separated them out. He is going to be graduating from Puppy Kindergarten on Tuesday :) I've included a couple of pictures - he is almost 11 pounds (born May 1).

Anyhow, thanks again for everything and for our perfect puppy. I can't imagine life without him.

Leeanne (and family)

p.s. he has lots of play dates with Cooper (blonde cockapoo) and Scruffy (Shih-poo) both from your kennel. Everyone is happy and healthy.

Hi Amy,

What a dog!

Kugle continues to grow nicely. He has had all his shots and our vet was easy to work with, following your direction on staggering the vaccines.

This puppy is so special. We have to add several minutes to our walks to make up for the time it takes when cars stop and other passer-bys stop us to ask about his breed and comment on his good looks and loving disposition.

We have started puppy classes with a local dog training company - McCann's. Taking classes is also a wonderful thing to do. Kugle is learning to socialize with other pups while we learn the tricks to fine training. Even with my behavioral training, I couldn't recommend more highly that any new puppy owner take advantage of good training. Kugle comes when called, is learning to sit on command and tells us when he needs to go outside.

As for Arlene, she is sooo in love with Kugle it is difficult to recall that she wasn't a dog person.

Kugle is also a welcome addition to my counseling practice. Clients comment regularly on his good disposition and cute face. He lies quietly beside me during sessions and if he has any difficult moments, I place him into his kennel where he settles quickly to sleep.

We lucked out with this pup and continually tell people about you; how you worked with us to determine the cross-breed best suited to our lifestyle and that you were open and transparent about your business and that you offered sound advice for getting started. Working with you was well worth the drive.

I trust you are well and wish you continued success with your passion.


Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Kugle Update:

Hi Amy,

One of my goals with Kugle was for him to be a therapy dog and for us to do volunteer work together.

Two weekends ago, Arlene and I attended testing by the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Service to volunteer as part of their program. Because we both wanted to be able to "handle" Kugle when volunteering, we both had to pass the test separately with Kugle.

We all passed!

The St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Service is more organized and structured than you might imagine...

We had to attend an orientation meeting and then the exam.

The examination lasted about two hours. The examination tests you and the dog in about 8 simulated conditions to determine the handler's control of the dog and dog's response. No running, no aggression, good manners and good control throughout.

In Arlene's group there were 6 dogs/handers and 2 didn't pass. In my group there were 7 dogs/handlers and 1 didn't pass.

After you pass the examination you then need a criminal reference check and then 4 supervised visits where the program coordinator attends with you to observe and provide guidance to facilitate your role in the volunteer setting. (The Coordinator is responsible for hooking you up with a placement, but given we are volunteers, we have a say as to whether or not we are comfortable with the placement and we get to advise of our availability.)

Kugle is a remarkably gentle and loving dog, thanks to your great breeding and support, and then due to our taking considerable training courses to learn how to best train him. As you are aware, we didn't know a thing when we picked up our gorgeous cock-a-poo from you, but now a year later, goals met and fully getting the most from our experiences as trained dog owners.

Tomorrow - back to the vet for Kugle's annual check-up and vaccinations.

I trust all is well on your end.


Well, hello Amy!

Been some time since I have talked to you.

I was doing some filing and came across some papers from you and thought I had better give you an update on Odie.

What can I say? Its like he has been around for ever. He is doing so well. He loves the snow and diving into the drifts, head first, and that is a good thing of late. He loves the dog park and all the dogs he meets there. He usually is one of the smaller ones but it doesn’t stop him from having a blast.

I rarely go anywhere without him. He is a fixture in my office as well as my car. My clients ask about him and insist he makes an appearance when I visit.

I may have bought him for my boys but as usual I am the keeper. No complaints about that.

I am in my office right now and he is at my feet sleeping.

He is about 21 pounds now so I think he is close to being all grown up. Although I don’t make a habit of spoiling him, especially with food, I must admit, he recognizes the Tim’s drive through and the girls there all come running when he arrives. Two plain Tim Bits and he is happy. Maybe I do spoil him!

Oh well, he is the best. In fact, there are times I wish I had picked up his sister at the same time but that will be an option later down the road. I just wanted to tell you that Odie is fantastic and I couldn’t have picked a better family or breeder to get him from. He is happy and I just wanted to thank you for everything.


Hi Amy,
It has been a long time since I last wrote. I have been busy enjoying my new job, doggy Mom!! I have thought of you often as we (the whole family) are just having a great time with Tucker. You would be so proud (as I am sure you are anyway) of him. We have been attending puppy class faithfully and our graduation is this coming Friday!! He is just wonderful.

We go for a least one to two walks (2km. in length at least) a day and play in the backyard until we just can't play anymore. He truly loves the snow, and as my husband Bob keeps saying he really knows no other type of weather yet. He is so interested in everything around him as it is all new. He is 10.2lbs. as of Jan.19th. last vaccine visit and still love to cuddle on my lap every morning after we go outside. I feel I have gained a true friend (I'm sure the treats help!!).

I also wanted to tell you that every time we go somewhere anyone and everyone comment on his colour! when we are at Pet Smart I have at least 4-5 people ask me first what breed he is and then proceed to ask where they can get one. So, if you have had a few inquiries from down this way in the last few months I might have something to do with it! I tell everyone I can about how wonderful a kennel you have and the people that run it. Again, I am so very happy that I chose A&R Country Kennel a truly amazing spot.

He is the most charismatic character, he just has to look at you with those eyes and anyone will melt! Our cat is slowly getting used to him and sometimes when he is really tuckered! out they even sleep side by side, but usually a very rare moment! The cat just keeps testing him and somehow Tucker always wins!

Anyway, I hope all is well at the kennel and that your family (the people kind!) are all healthy. Best to you and yours and I will try and send a new picture the next time I get a chance to write.

(aka the very happy new old MOM!)

Hi Amy,
I was going to e-mail you anyway, do you raise miracle puppies!! He is terrific. Mallory was with him last evening as we had to be out until around 11pm. I played with him until around 11:30 then took him out for pee. He whined just for a moment in his crate then went off to sleep until 7:15am WOW. He is eating well, going to the door and doing super with the pees and poops! and we had him playing outside a wee bit today. I started to do some work in the kitchen and he slept on my feet, it feels like he has been here forever. Thank-you again so much. I hope the drive home was OK for you and that the weather co-operated. I hope everyone was able to make it to see the parade. Again, really appreciate the fact that you brought him down. I will keep you updated.


Hi Amy, just want to say thank you for such an amazing dog. When we began our search for a puppy we looked at several different websites and even visited a few kennels but weren't quite satisfied. Even though your kennel was a 4 1/2 hour drive for us it was well worth it! Buying a puppy over the phone and only seeing pictures on the internet we were a little skeptical but once we arrived at your kennel we were very impressed. You have such a great set up for the puppies and we could tell how well they were taken care of.

Callaway has definitely kept us on our toes and been quite the adventure for us. He is a fun loving family dog and a great addition to our family. When we go out we always have someone stopping us and asking about him. We get rave reviews how cute and smart he is. He definitely is an entertainer and charms everyone with all of his tricks.

Thanks again!

Shirley, Mike and Callaway Horsley

Maggie is very friendly, loves other dogs, gets along great with my 172lbs Newfoundland dog (which was my biggest concern when I took Maggie home).

She has plenty of energy, likes to please and has done really well in potty training.

I am happy I did the extra miles to get Maggie from your Kennel and will recommend you to whom ever I know is looking for a small breed.

It has been a great pleasure, will keep you updated with more pictures of Maggie!

Ottawa, Ontario


Here is a picture of me at my new home. My new family, say I am settling in REALLY WELL and are very happy with me!! I'm eating and sleeping well. The fact that I'm soo cute helps get me out of trouble!!

Thank you for taking good care of me and giving me a good, healthy start!!

Love Leo

January 3, 2007 Update - As previously mentioned, we really love Leo.  He is settling in so well!  At Christmas we had 25 people here — 8 of them under 8 and he was excellent with the kids — no problem at all!! And he isn't really used to being around young kids all the time.  He is a very friendly, easy going puppy and has adjusted very well.



Hi Amy

I wanted to send you a photo of Reba for your collection. She's very smart. It took her only 3 days to master ringing the bell at the door to go outside. She even rings it, when our other dog is out and wants in.

My wife is already talking about getting another one.


Hi Amy, it's great to hear from you!

Chilly is doing great and is very loved!! He's a smart, gentle, playful, and sweet puppy.

The shedding is unfortunate - but it's still very little compared to other dogs. And he gets brushed every other day, so that helps a lot.

He does learn tricks really fast! It's amazing how eager he is to please..... and yes, the treats are a great motivator! :)

The experience at the kennel was great. You provided us with all the necessary information and patiently answered all our questions/concerns. It was our first time getting a puppy and we weren't sure which one to take home, but you helped us through it.

The kennel was clean and well maintained. The dogs seemed happy and well cared for.

He adapted very quickly to his new settings, and didn't even cry the first night. He seemed to be at home right away. I was able to leave him alone after the weekend when I was at work. From 8 to 4 - he sleeps and plays. I leave the TV on and it seems to work. My neighbors (apartment) have never heard him bark. So I'm thrilled!

He rarely barks.... He does from time to time, if he hears someone in the hallway but then stops as soon as we tell him.

It's great to have a quiet dog. :) His temperament is fantastic. Couldn't ask for better.

I had never heard about this cross (American Eskimo and Poodle): Eski-poo. But I'm glad we were able to find him at your kennel! :)

I would highly recommend him for anyone. His great with children, and lets himself be handled and petted without ever becoming impatient. He has never snapped or growled at anyone. He's a softy. :)

He plays well with other dogs too. Although they still tend to dominate him.... depends on the dog/breed. He's still young/small, so we'll see if that changes. At the moment, he runs up to any dog and greets them with a wagging tail. Same with humans! ;)

He loves to lick faces too!

The vet thinks he's healthy and is gaining weight at a normal pace. He now weighs 10.5 lbs (at 5 months).

Best of luck and thank you!


Amy, just to let you know that Jack is WONDERFUL!! Jack is now 11 lbs. and almost 5 months old. Everyone just loves him, even people who are partial to large dogs. He is very affectionate and loyal. Jack loves to be with us as much as possible. He is extremely obedient and smart. When we first got him at 8 weeks he quickly learned to sit and shake a paw for a treat. It took barely 3 weeks before he was totally house trained, having only 5 or 6 accidents (wet ones) and only 1 #2 accidents. We never put him on a leash or need to tie him up at home, he knows where he lives. When he does wander a little, when he sees something interesting, it only takes a little reminder and he's turned around. He just got his first haircut and his fur is soft and he pretty much keeps it clean himself. He likes to sleep in a cool, dark place. When he needs to go out he lets us know with a little woof! He doesn't chew furniture, but likes to play with shoes. He loves to play with the kids and NEVER bites in a mean way. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, always running to meet new people and get some attention. He plays with the small dog next door. When we must leave him home alone he behaves himself and doesn't destroy anything. He is so excited to see us when we come home.

We love him so much and are looking forward to many years of enjoyment with him as part of our family.

Thank you Amy, we are so glad to have found you!


Up-date on Jack - Amy, I thought I should send you some pics' of our little guy Jack. We absolutely love him and so do all of our neighbours. He has settled in nicely now and is quite a character. It is such a joy to have a dog in the house again and we will love him every minute of every day.

Thank you again.


...hey there ....nice to hear from you..... our puppy..."Abbi" is great...she has been a pretty good pup....she has been trained for about 3-4 weeks now...and goes to the door on her own....everyone loves her....she has a good routine, and loves her play time. She loves her cuddle time, and loves to be cozy. She has the best temperament, she is just a pleasure to have around. Abbi loves the kids, and she has to be in the center of it all when people come over. She is starting to respond to some commands....but still loves to be bold, in a good/funny way.

We all love her, and have thought about getting a sister for her...but were not going to be ready for a while. Jeannette and I have told a lot of people about your place and what you do...


Roger only shed for a few weeks in the late spring and that was it. Other than that one time, we get almost nothing out of him when we brush him. Julia has never shed at all.


Hi Amy, We sure are enjoying our new pup. "Scruffy" is a "happy so lucky" little pup. He loves other dogs and cats, but especially loves children. When he plays, he plays really hard, then he requires a lengthy nap. Like most males he has selective hearing. Even when he is "puppy bad", he's so cute its hard to stay mad at him. We'll keep in touch as he grows & try to send pictures. Its hard to catch him on film he wiggles so much.

Best wishes,
Buck, Terry and Scruffy


We are lucky to have two 9 month old Golden-Poo sisters Layla and Neena.

In no time they were house-trained with very few accidents (smart puppies).

Lots and lots of chew toys kept them busy while they were teething. They have their own box for toys which they empty everyday (have to train to pick up after play time).

We took them to puppy classes that used the reward method. Neena and Layla are so easy to train.

After not having a dog in the house for 3 years it is great to be greeted each morning with wagging tails and loving kisses.

Thanks Amy for giving our two girls such a loving start.

The Mahussier Family

Hi Amy

We've had 'Gus' now for a year and a half. He's definitely become part of our family. He makes us laugh every day, he's a real character. It’s amazing how smart he is, and a little stubborn too - ha ha!! It's also really interesting to see his personality develop more and more every day.

We can't take him for a walk without someone stopping us and asking all kinds of questions, the usual being "What kind of dog is that? He looks like a big teddy bear!!" Most people comment about his fur, and are always interested to find out that he sheds very little (which is good for allergy sufferers like me) and that's one of the reasons that we adopted a Golden- Doodle.

Gus has an excellent temperament. He loves to be around people. It’s so nice to come home from a long day of work and get such an enthusiastic greeting from him - he even has a smile!! He almost folds himself in half wagging his tail!!

We just wanted to send a big thank you to you for giving us such an easy and enjoyable adoption experience. Your kennels are impressive and we have told many people about them. Thanks again - we can't imagine not having him around!!

Cara and Dave


I meant to do this a while ago but I wanted to let you know how we are all getting along. Gilbert is a wonderful new addition. He and Guthrie got along from the moment they were introduced. Not to say there weren't a few adjustments to made by all of us and a few moments where I thought I might have made a mistake but I have to say, we are now a month into this and everyone is very happy including me!! Gilbert and Guthrie are inseparable. Just like Guthrie, Gilbert is a smart, beautifully natured little guy. Unlike Guthrie he is quite the comedian and knows absolutley no fear! Gilbert made his first trip to the Vets last week and you would think the staff had never seen a puppy before!!! They were lining up to hold him!!!!! Needless to say he is very healthy. I didn't need the Vet to tell me that. I knew he was, because I got him from you! I want to thank you so much for everything. I have two very wonderful little dogs and I know that your care and advice have played a huge part in how wonderful they are. I am a little sad to think that I won't see you and the kennel again but I think I will be stopping at two of these guys! :)


Hello Amy,

I hope you are well. It has been almost two months since Monsieur Gustave's arrival and I am glad to report that he is really growing nicely. He is really bright! I cannot emphasize this enough. He's is actually far too clever as he always manages to get what he wants ;). He gets along great with all our other pets and is best buds with our 70 pound labrador (we lovingly refer to them as the "Odd Couple"). He was really quick to potty train, at three months old and already knows how to sit, stay and lay down. We are now working on the heel which will come quite easily as he enjoys following us around. He does have an independent streak which is nice though. When he's tired or when we don't pay attention to him he just goes off into his crate to have a nap or plays with his toys quietly. As you can tell by my enthusiasm, he is for me absolutely perfect. I've put myself to photography this summer and here are two shots I managed to get of the little diva. He is fully aware of how cute he is and uses it to his full advantage. 

Enjoy the photos.


Tucker, our one and a half year old Schnoodle, plays the piano and sings along at least 3 or 4 times every day. In spite of all of his practicing, he really isn't getting any better at it. (There has been over 5 million views of this video on YouTube!)

Kennedy Family

Tucker Update:

Hi Amy,

We will gladly be references for schnoodles and your kennel. We had a great experience with your kennel and you are truly passionate about your dogs and puppies. The personal touch you bring to raising the puppies made a huge difference to us and Rex (our 7 month old Schnoodle) who is truly an amazing dog. Rex is very smart and the cutest dog ever. We get told all the time that he looks like a teddy bear and not even real because he is just that cute! Our friends always want to dogsit and never want Rex to leave when he visits. Along with being cute Rex is very well-behaved, smart, and has a hilarious personality. We could not be happier with Rex and our experience with you and your kennel. Thank you very much for such a loving, healthy, and happy dog.

Jessica Riffel

Sadie is a mix between Poodle and Miniature Schnauzer. She is a great, fun loving animal, who gets along great with children. She is almost 3 months old and is house trained already. So good, so far, will keep you posted!

Gloria and I spent a lot of time trying to find the right place to buy a new pup. We were very fortunate to find A & R Country Kennel. We were very impressed with the way you operated your business, the cleanliness, and the care you showed towards all your dogs.

Missy is very intelligent, it took no time at all to train her. She enjoys playing with other dogs, loves kids and is becoming more cuddly as she gets older. Gloria and I gave your address and phone number to several people every where we taken Missy. I hope you sell a lot more.


Well, Ginny has turned out to be a really great puppy. She's really smart and very social with other dogs and people too. She's hillarious with her tricks that she pulls, hiding things all over the house (fortunately for me, my eyeglasses are no longer her favorite thing to hide). For the most part she is very well behaved. Her “bad” behaviour consists of jumping up at people to get their attention. She is gradually getting better at that, and will only jump on new people for about 30 seconds.

We've started puppy school and she is doing well at the commands, but waiting quietly in line beside another puppy is virtually impossible.


Hi Amy - I have attached a couple of photos of our puppy. We have finally settled on Murphy for her name. Generally she is a very sweet and loving puppy, although she seems to be developing separation anxiety, not when we go out but when we leave the room or her line of site.

Many people have asked me about your kennel and we have sent your contact info on with a great reference because we were very impressed. Thanks again for our newest family member.

Mike and Lori

Dear Amy:

Just wanted to let you know that Rudy is such a good, smart, little dog and we love him so much.

I care for him during the day while Scott works and he brings so much happiness to myself and my husband and even the extended family and neighbour kids.

I remember what you said "Don't accept bad behaviour" and try to keep to this rule - for me and Rudy. He knows the word 'bad' and stops whatever instantly when he hears this. He has slept through the night ever since he came here.

I tell everyone about your place, how impressed we were. I tell everyone it is so clean and the dogs all look so happy.

Rudy isn't a barker, as you promised, so that is great too.

Keep up the good work,

Joanne Y.
Fenelon Falls

P.S. Rudy weighs 13 lbs now at 4 months. He loves to sleep, eat, play and chew!

Hi Amy: I spoke to you on the phone about the parents of my puppy Maddy. He's about 10 months right now and is the most beautiful well mannered smart dog I have ever owned. He has these unbelievable eye lashes that sweep down on his face when he blinks. (can you tell I'm nuts about him?) Well we are. My girls and I are in love with him. We'd like to know more about his mommy and daddy, Tia and Haden. We would love to see pics of Tia and Haden.



Hey Amy:

I hope this email finds you well. I just thought you would appreciate having a picture and knowing that one of your puppies has become a Pet Therapy Dog for St. John's Ambulance. It is a lengthy process but Troy passed with flying colours. We were asked to do our visits at a Hospice which we do each Wednesday afternoon. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Troy is amazing and just laps up the attention.

Anyway, I have attached a picture of Troy in his "uniform". I get constant questions as to what type of dog he is and where I got him from so I always carry your name and Kennel information with me. He is an amazing pet and friend. My family are so in love with him - and me - just a little.

Take care,
Joanne and Shane Cronin

Amy, It has been a year now since I picked up my precious Pixie from you. She is the light of my life and of all the people, dogs, and children in our neighborhood! Even the local cat trusts her now. :) She really is a social butterfly bringing smiles to all who meet or pass her on our outings.

She communicates in the sweetest ways alerting me to her needs with special little sound, focussed eye contact or a movement to the door or other place she wants to explore.

She is incredibly well behaved although she still needs improvement on her greetings when meeting people as she wants to jump up and offer them a kiss. When she masters seated greetings and is a little older, I am thinking of applying to train her as a therapy dog to visit seniors' homes.

Amy, I can't thank you enough for the joy your well bred puppy has brought into my life and the lives of so many others! Her is a photo of her enjoying a sunny spring morning on our porch this morning.

Glenda Robinson

Hi Amy,

Just a note to let you know that Lucy has settled in nicely. I'm very happy with her, and really impressed by how well-adjusted she is. She is very sociable, and loves playing with the dogs in the neighbourhood, and meeting new people. Everyone thinks she's just the sweetest thing. Lucy is really smart, too! Within a couple days of bringing her home, she knew to ring the bell on the door to go outside. She learned several tricks very quickly, and just graduated from puppy school! I want to let you know that I really appreciate the time you took with me when picking her up. Your tips and advice were wonderful!

Take care,


Hi Amy,

Bentley is doing great. He is the sweetest, cuddliest puppy we have ever had. He is growing like a weed. He is now between 8-9 lbs and has been to the vet a couple of times for shots, etc. and had a great check up. He makes us laugh a lot and he is so cute. We would be happy to send you an updated picture . . . . His coloring has stayed pretty much like it was, but as you said he has lightened up a bit. We love all his different shades. We are thrilled with him. He is doing very well with the paper training as well as going outside. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

Talk soon
BFN, Sandra


We would encourage anyone who is looking to purchase a puppy to contact Amy first. She'll send you pictures of waht you are looking for, male or female. Once you choose the one you want she updates you with pictures at least once a week, and in the cutest settings.

Her kennel is exceptionally clean, no animal smell what so ever.

Amy herself is very pleasant and she will advise you on what food and treats to give your new puppy.

The puppies are all bathed and groomed before you pick them up.

Our new puppy "Sheba" adjusted very well to her new home and is a very fast learner. She is very happy and loves everyone.

My sister Sue got the brother (Benji) to our dog and her feelings about Amy, the kennel and the puppies are the same as ours.

Roger & Sandra D. and sister Sue G.
North Bay


I can't tell you how happy we all are since Rebound joined our family. He is such a wonderful little guy. He is a very happy go lucky puppy who loves to play and give us all unconditional love each day. He really is just the "love of our life". It took us years to decide to get a dog and I can honestly say we have no regrets.

Rebound has been very easy to train. He is now totally house trained. He will sit, give each of his paws on command and goes and sits by his leash when he hears the word "walk". We are truly blessed to have him.

Thanks again.

The Edge's

Dear Amy:

Wanted to let you know that both our puppies Sheba and Benji are doing just great. They are so smart and have learnt a lot already. They both have lots of toys and clean homes. They are so affectionate. They love everybody. My mother is crazy about both of them. Roger just loves our little sheba so much. He can’t wait to get home from work to see and play with her.

They both learnt their names right away and come when you call them. Our sheba will sometimes do her job outside but we have a big yard and she wants to play in the leaves. She is getting a lot better at going on the training pads we put down inside the home. She sleeps through the night without going out.

Thanks so much for our puppies. You did a great job with them and I wanted to let you know that they are getting the best of care from us. I will send pictures as soon as possible. Have a great day.


Hi Amy:

Thought I would send a quick update on Maggie. She really is a wonderful puppy and so very smart. She is fully trained and even waits to have her feet wiped when she comes in. She has completed her puppy classes and can sit, lay down, roll over and stay well both with voice and hand commands. She loves to run and play with Jacob. That is her very best friend. She just loves to be with people. She is 7.5 pounds and going nicely. Our vet says she is in good shape and has a wonderful coat. She is fully kenneled trained and loves her bed during the day for naps.

Anyway, we just love her to bits. We are so glad we got her. Everyone that sees her just thinks she is the cutest thing going. All the kids on the street just can't wait to see her outside.


Update - I just think that you have a wonderful kennel and treat each puppy like it was your own for life. It shows in their personalities. Maggie is just the happiest little bundle you have ever seen.




I apologize for not better keeping in touch but the last three months have been crazy - I have changed jobs and Wendy is now laid up until Christmas with foot surgery.

The only constant in our life has been Sprocket who has been great. His weight has topped out 15-16 pounds which, for us, is a perfect size.

He finished Level II training in September and was again at the top of his class. While he can be very well behaved when directed he continues to be very spunky and his antics are hilarious. The stricter we are with his training the more he needs to take a break and tear around the house.

We have taught him not to bark in general and the only does so if he senses a threat.

We continue to be thrilled with our choice of a Shorkie in general and Sprocket in particular. We have you and your great facility to thank for that - searching you out in Bancroft certainly proved well worthwhile.

Mark (and Wendy and Sprocket)


Hi Amy.

I couldn't resist sending you this one minute video I took of my boys. It is just the cutest and should bring a smile to your face.

Wednesday was a big day for Emerson and Palmer. First they went to the groomers. Then they went to the Vets (Palmer's annual check-up). Knowing that my boys love to go visiting, I decided to make a quick video of their anticipated outing. Turn up the volume before starting the video so you can hear me asking them questions.

Miley is the groomer's dog, Dr. Sharon is the Vet.

You can see that Emerson is definitely the vocal one, making all the decisions for Palmer. Palmer won't do anything until it has been passed by his big brother, even to the point where Emerson has to have his harness put on before Palmer will let me put his on. But they were both listening to every word I had to say.

And what dog gets that excited about going to the Vet?!?!?



Paula Rivera with her pal Nopales

Nopales (cactus in Spanish) is quite a dog, he has travelled on several airplanes and met lots of different people in less than a month and his behaviour in every situation is outstanding! He is the cutest, most charismatic, loving dog - the perfect company I was looking for. From the very first time I met Amy I was impressed by her common, loving and practical sense in raising puppies, I felt such a calming and grounded energy in her approach to dogs that getting Nopales from her was not only never in doubt but quite a privilege. I feel lucky I found A & R Kennel and I will recommend it to anyone who wants a well behaved, loving and independent puppy. Thank you Amy!

Paula Rivera
Actress (TV Series "hiccups")


Hi Amy,

Just thought I'd send a follow up.

We've had Lily a month now. She's fit into our family quite nicely. The kids absolutely love her. She's very quickly becoming my husband's dog. (I knew that would happen) He's made a bed for her in his office, so she goes in and sleeps while he works. It is very cute actually. We had her to the vet today and she weighs 4.4 lbs. The Vet said she is a very well adjusted little pup.

She's been accident free for almost 3 weeks now, except for in her kennel at night. Still haven't figured that out yet.

Thanks so much for the great job you did with her and all the advice you gave me in the beginning. WE Love her tons.

Angela Martin


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to give you an update on Jasper (Willie). He is doing fantastic....he is the most wonderful puppy ever...funny, cuddly, loving and ever the source of entertainment... He has finished with all his immunizations and has had a haircut and has has 2 face trims...not liking that part of Vet visit too much....he loves riding in the car and sleeps with the whole family at night....he is fully potty trained both outdoors and on potty pads....his last weight was on Tuesday and he weighed in at a whole 4.2 lbs and according to the Vet is as healthy as a horse. We again just wanted to thank you so much for Jasper...he is everything and more than we could have wanted for a pet....and he is loved and spoiled rotten....he has even learned to sit and beg for his treats....he is very very smart....again thank you so much.

Kim and Roger Noel and Jasper

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