Mini Bernadoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle. A veterinarian performs the artificial insemination procedure.

The Bernese Mountain dog has a very dense wavy natural sheen coat. When mixed with Poodle we strive for the low shed to no shed off-spring. Given the dense coat of the Bernese, I would not say these would be 100% non-shedding. I would expect some minimal shedding. Some may not shed at all, but there could be some with minimal shedding.

If there is an allergy issue in your family, I suggest visiting us. Playing with this mix will determine if there is a reaction or not. You should be fine for the most part. Again our focus is to produce healthier off spring.

The Bernese are farm dogs, but their sweet, affectionate nature makes them an all around great family pet. They are very alert and devoted to their family.

These are very smart and lovable pets. They are great with children or anyone for that matter. They have a great temperament and are quite docile. They are very eager to please and will train very easily.

Sizes range from 30 40 lbs max.

Photos of other Bernadoodles at various ages

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