Our Approach to Dog Breeding

In 2001 our business began. Being a registered and reputable dog breeder was very important to me.

We specialize in Poodle Crosses because we believe they make wonderful pets. They're non-shedding and their offspring tend to be healthier.

Our primary concern is the health of our animals so we practice natural breeding techniques, keep in close contact with our veterinarian, and provide a 2 year health guarantee after the puppy leaves our kennel. We have a very hands-on approach and have raised 85% of our purebred stock. If you can visit us you will be delighted with our facility and with the selection of puppies available. In order to accommodate our customers we will make best efforts to deliver the puppies.

Amy Dillabough
A & R Country Kennel

The Kennel

The kennel was built in 2000. It was built with the comfort of our dogs in mind. We are continuously upgrading to better provide for our dogs. We are very proud of our facility. We welcome everyone to visit us. You will enjoy the scenic drive.

Kennel Renovations

We completed a major nursery renovation project in 2013.

Now all the birthing areas (where your puppy is born and raised) have been updated with heated ceramic tiling. It is the best possible solution for a very clean environment and there are no respiratory issues due to dusty materials like wood shavings or straw.

The puppies can access the outside area on their own when they are big enough using small ramps. This aids in potty training.

The nursery is heated for winter months and cooled with an air conditioner in the summer months.

To top things off we have installed top-of-the-line wi-fi enabled video cameras. I am able to monitor the mom and puppies from the comfort of my home. If there is a mom that I am worried about I can wake up in the night and check them from my iPad. This makes life easier for me and for my mom (who helps me with the kennels). I am also able to view the dogs live from my iPhone whenever I'm away from home base.

This renovation was done for the comfort, health and safety of all our puppies and mothers.

Dog Food

We feed all our dogs Royal Canin Dog Food because it's nutritious and an economical diet for a new owner to maintain.

Please Note:

A & R Country Kennel has no affiliation with any other dog breeders. We are an independent kennel whose aim is to raise healthy dogs; sell puppies at reasonable prices; and educate new owners about canine care. We use natural breeding techniques and run a very clean, humane facility. We do not allow other kennels or pet stores to sell our puppies on our behalf.

Telephone: 613-332-6232    Email: amy@arcountrykennel.com